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5 villages, towns in Pu’er listed as distinct tourist sites

Updated:2021-06-08 18:04:48   

The 5 Pu’er villages and towns of Mangjing Village, Masan Village, Yixiang Town, Mengjun Town and Enle Town were recently honored as distinct ones for local tourism promotion.  

Langjing Village

Located in the south of Huimin Hani township of Lancang Lahu Autonomous County, Mangjing Village is a village of Bulang ethnic group. It is located in the core of the famous "Jingmai Ancient Tea Garden with a thousand years" in Lancang County. Up to now, the local Bulang people have been using the original picking method and drinking the traditional and high-quality Pu 'er tea.

Masan Village

Masan Village, Mengka Town, Ximeng County, boasts profound cultural heritage and advantageous geographical location. It is backed by primitive forest. There are farm restaurants, characteristic folk customs and ethnic culture stage in the village, which retains the original architectural style and living styles of the Wa people.

Yixiang Town

Yixiang Town has 24 development bases and tourist spots such as tea plantation of ten thousand Chinese mu, Dadaozi Reservoir (Furong Lake), Hot Spring of Shuihe River and Pu 'er National Park. Located in the tea fields and misty mountain scenery, Pu 'er Xiangshan Midmountain Hotel is the best choice for tourists to experience the sunrise, cloud sea, eco tea tasting and parent-child vacation.

Mensuo Town

The Mengsuo town is located in the southeast of Ximeng county, in the junction of Lancang county and Menglian county, surrounded by mountains and valleys crisscrossing. It is a township with more than 10 ethnic minorities such as the Wa, Lahu and Dai people. The beautiful dragon pool and the unique Ximengwa City are closely associated, forming a "natural and cultural" beauty.

Enle Town

Enle Town is located in the central part of Zhenyuan County, Yunnan Province. The town is naturaly divided by Enle River(uppper reach of the Bolie River) between Mt. Ailao and Mt. Wulian. It has the characteristic of "one mountain has four seasons, and ten miles have different sceneries", and has long been known as the Peach Blossoming City. In ancient times, the tea horse gang passed through the Bolie River Bridge, which also gave Enle Town a part of the Ancient Tea Horse Road.

Reporting by Dai Zheng (Pu'er Culture and Tourism Bureau); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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