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Zig-zag mountain road has 72 turnings in Yuxi

Updated:2021-06-17 18:42:41   

Xinhua video shows a mountain road with 72 turns in Yimen County, central Yunnan’s Yuxi City.

Aerial photos show a mountain road with 72 turns. Located in Yimen County of central Yunnan’s Yuxi City, the Lvzhi mountainous road winds its way from the town in the valley to the mountain top, with its altitude varying from 1,330 meters to 2,050 meters.

The elevation difference is as much as 720 meters, but the direct distance is less than 2 km. It is the 72 hairpin turns that make the road a most amazing one, and any oncoming vehicle has to turn about 180° to continue on the road.

While driving down the road, people can see Mt. Ailao on one side and have a bird view of the town on the other. The road also snakes along forested hills, the rushing Lvzhi River and lush valleys.

Recently, the peacock flower has entered its blooming season, blanketing treetops in some parts of the mountain road with its flaming red flowers.

Reporting by Nian Xinhong (Xinhua Net); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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