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Bird view of Wengji Bulang village

Updated:2021-07-08 18:35:04   

Hidden in the Jingmai Mountain of Langcang County, south Yunnan’s Pu’er City, Wengji Bulang Stockaded Village has a long history with a thousand years.

The ecological culture of the Blang ethnic group is preserved and inherited. With the original natural environment, beautiful scenery, and the unique ethnic characteristics, it is known as the "Millennium Blang Village".

It is recorded that the Bulang people is one of the earliest tea-planting ethnic groups in Yunnan. They respect, worship and inherit tea culture as part of its own life, and protect tea trees and the Jingmai Mountain as the common consciousness.

Here, people of all ethnic groups grow tea in every village, every family picks tea, every household makes tea, everyone drinks tea, and they welcome guests by serving the tea. People and tea are dependent on each other, forming a harmonious lifestyle between human and nature. Tea trees are their property, because tea leaves are the main income of the family.

Reporting by Hu Xueying (Pu’er Publish); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi

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