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Mojiang senior turns leaves into musical instrument

Updated:2022-05-11 18:00:46   

Li Shuqing, a Hani man aged 62, enjoys turning leaves into a musical instrument and producing clear and loud music with his mouth in Mojiang Hani autonomous county, southwest Yunnan’s Pu’er city.

Fluting leaves is a traditional art of the Hani people. When he was a child, Li saw some Hani young men pick a leaf at random and make music with it. He was curious about this skill and took up it as a hobby. Through months’ practice, he mastered the trick and won fame in nearby villages.

The local primary school set up classes for ethnic folk art and hired him as a teacher in leave-blowing in 2013. In 8 years, Li Shuqing has taught more than 240 students, passing down this magic folk art to the younger generation.

Reporting by Jian Lili (Mojiang Publish); Trans-editing by Mo Yingyi  

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