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Shhh, Mekong babies! "Live It Up" in Lancang-Mekong week

Updated:2022-03-29 14:39:04   Lancang Mekong Party

This week coincides with the Lancang-Mekong Week. Thanks to joint effort by the six countries, the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation has grown to be a most dynamic mechanism for sub-regional cooperation.

In the special week, we have yet another Lancang-Mekong video challenge for the energetic Z generation youngsters in the river basin. In the last challenge of Lancang-Mekong cooking "Wrap It Up", original youngsters in the river basin have shared with us wonderful videos.

From now on, let’s have a new round of fun: “Live It Up”, or pan TA.

In the Chinese language, the verb 盘“pan” means winding up. For antique collectors, the word suggests rubbing repeatedly for luster on the antique surface. They see “pan” as the hand-object communication that can endow antiques with a sense of vigor and beauty.

In the Chinese cyber space, however, "pan" has grown to be a buzzword, and it represents the youngsters’ strive for perfection, trying their best in what they love and keeping a frank attitude towards life.

Dishes and handicrafts, let’s live them up! Detailed works are not a ceremony, but a way to enjoy life. Troubles and hardships, let’s “pan TA” and get rid of them all. Actually, “pan” can be used to varied social situations: lovely, cute, loth, irksome, something unexpected, or else.

So what’s your creative works? Why not share with us?     

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