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Man aged 58 to top Everest again

Updated:2022-04-01 17:39:04   

(Photo/Dongchuan Media Center)

Guo Wenrong, a 58-year-old man native to Kunming, Yunnan province is set to climb the Everest for a second time in May 2022. Guo first topped the mountain in 2018.

(Photo/Dongchuan Media Center)

Born in a mining area in Kunming’s Dongchuan district, Guo Wenrong has been interested in mountain climbing since his childhood, conquering the 4,017-meter Guniu peak and the 4,344-meter Xueling ridge in central Yunnan scores of times.

Standing on Xueling one day, Guo set for the plan to climb Mt. Qomolangma, and he succeeded in ascending to the peak from the southern slope in Nepal. This May, he will climb the Everest via its northern slope in China.


(Photo/Dongchuan Media Center)

Guo’s application has been approved by the General Administration of Sport of China. “I’m not sure if the schedule will be changed or not, given the on-going COVID outbreaks,” said Guo. “But I’ll let it be and be in awe of nature.”

Source: Dongchuan Media Center; Trans-editing by Wang Shixue and Wang Qing 

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