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What's the golden railway like?

Updated:2022-05-24 17:28:26   

The China-Laos Railway officially opened to traffic on December 3, 2021.

The railway is a golden and prosperous approach to the China-Laos community of a shared future.

It is also a railway of happiness, which links up economy, bridges culture and enhances friendship.

The “China-Laos Friendship via Railway of Happiness” international networks media tour kicked off on May 23. Under taken by Yunnan Gateway.com, the event is sponsored by the Cyberspace Affairs Office of Yunnan Party Committee.

The media tour will be going on simultaneously along the Chinese and Lao rail sections, participated by international reporters and communicators from the Chinese localities Yunnan, Xinjiang, Guangxi and Chongqing, as well as those with the Laos National Radio, Pasaxon Newspaper, Pathet Lao News Agency and more.

In China, we’ll visit the Kunming Free Trade Zone, looking into growth of the cross-border e-commerce via China-Laos Railway.

At Kunming Railway Vocational and Technical College, we’ll talk with some would-be Lao rail talents in the college.
We’ll also visit the Yuxi Freight Hub in southwest China, learning about how the railway has benefited Yuxi city and local businesses.

In Qiaotou community of Yuxi’s Yuanjiang county, we’ll enjoy rural tourist services by Dai people, listening to local villagers’ stories regarding the China-Laos railway and rural revitalization.

In Laos, the Laotian reporters will visit the Thanaleng dry port, Vientiane Railway Station, a Luang Prabang resettlement near China-Laos Railway and others, getting to know their stories related the railway.

With multilingual news and stories spread via diverse media outlets, we’ll allow the railway known to more audience, boosting confidence in the China-Laos community.

By Gateway reporters

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