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KFC Psyduck goes viral before Children’s Day

Updated:2022-05-27 17:28:29   

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Again, KFC just put into market a co-branded toy—Psyduck on Children’s Day eve. With funny pictures and videos spreading on the internet, the Psyduck has gone viral in China.

Actually, the KFC chain has adopted similar marketing strategies before, rolling out cartoon characters such as Pikachu, Minions, Doraemon and more.

Why is the KFC Psyduck so popular with consumers? The comical image might be the point.

"Psyduck brings us happiness with light music or movements, and it’s a good emotional outlet for people to express themselves amid the ongoing pandemic,” said a toy collector.

The Psyduck sensation is inspiring. “In addition to traditional promotions, co-branding or else, the social networks of Douyin, Weibo and more also contributed to the Psyduck’s popularity in China,” said Wang Yugang, a marketing insider.

Wang added while Disneyland was the paradise for adults before Covid, the Psyduck co-branded by KFC and GAME FREAK has grabbed the new needs of kids and adults amid the pandemic.

The shortage of KFC Psyduck toy caused a secondary marketing wave in Alibaba’s Xianyu app, one of the most famous secondary trading platform in China.

“It’s more available for the Psyduck fans to buy the toy from the secondary trading platforms,” said a Shanghai consumer.

Other well-known brands also chased after the co-branding strategy in recent years for catching consumers’ eyes. But the key lies in product merits rather than the co-branded stunt.

Source: Ecns.cn; Trans-editing by Wang Qing

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