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Go deep in Lijiang: Sand plovers sighted in Lashihai wetland

Updated:2022-05-18 17:43:34   

A group of greater sand plovers were recently seen foraging in the Lashihai lake wetland, northwest Yunnan’s Lijiang city. The wetland is famous as a bird habitat and bird watching resort.

The greater sand plover is a small migratory bird which prefers to forage on coastal mudflats and beaches. With a body length of 23 cm, the bird has grey, brown and white feathers, feeding on mollusks, shrimps, insects, snails, and others.

As a the protected wild animals in China, it also belongs to a least concern (LC) bird on the IUCN red list.

Source: Lijiang Daily; Trans-editing by Li Jingshuo and Mo Yingyi 

Keywords:   Sand plovers Lashihai wetland