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Jerry's Fruit Lab | Roast chicken with apple and cumin

Updated:2022-03-31 11:23:31   english.yunnan.cn

Apple, same as banana and orange, is undoubtedly one of the most common fruits in today's world. Apple trees are easily found across the globe, from the Mediterranean to North America, and from Central Asia to China. 

China is considered a country with thousand years of apple-growing history. The very first written record about apple can be dated back to over 2000 years ago. Today, China is the largest apple producer, accounting for almost half of the global output. 

The status of apple in world's culinary art should not be underestimated, as apple pie, apple tart and apple roll have been eaten worldwide, regardless of geographical and cultural differences. 

However, the recipes of this fruit could be further developed.  

Having a chicken in the fridge and apples in his fruit basket, Jerry decides to make a roast chicken with apple and cumin.  

Writing, cooking and filming by Wang Jingzhong

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