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Quality of Lao education improved at all levels

Updated:2018-10-09 11:01:32   vientianetimes.org.la

The quality of education at all levels has been further improved due to important contributions from several sectors, particularly the contribution of teachers across Laos.

This was stated in a report by the Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs Sengdeuane Lachanthaboun, during the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the National Teacher’s Day at the National University of Laos last Friday. The day was observed on October 7.

Mrs Sengdeuane said teachers have improved their skills to support the work of educational institutions and received awards from the government every year to honour their achievements.

Besides teachers, everyone else should do more to further develop education to meet regional and international standards.

Teachers should continue to improve the method of teaching to ensure quality among students, and students should pay more attention to their studies.

Other sectors, including businesses, private organisations and development partners, should provide further financial and technical support for education development plans.

During the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the National Teacher’s Day, the ministry highlighted the achievements in education development and its future plans.

Key achievements included the joint development of the quality of education and the expansion of the educational system across the region, including remote areas, by the ministry and involved sectors.

Other achievements are improved accommodation and expanded classrooms, and more educational materials and teachers to meet the country’s school enrolment promotion plans for the primary and secondary education levels.

According to the ministry, authorities have finalised a vision for 2030 to provide all Lao people with equal access to quality education.  If the country can achieve this vision, human resources will be able to compete in the regional and international labour markets.

The government also has an ambitious plan to declare the education level of the entire Lao population to be at the lower secondary school level by 2025, and at the upper secondary school level by 2030.

The strategy of education and sports development for 2025 focuses on general education, improving the quality of teachers, and further developing labour, physical education, and administration.

Editor: John Li

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