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Laos-China join forces in fight against cancer

Updated:2018-10-17 11:03:45   vientianetimes.org.la

Specialists from Laos joined with counterparts from China in Vientiane on Friday under the umbrella of the ongoing Lao Techmart exhibition at Lao-ITECC aiming to improve the treatment and care of patients with cancer.

During the meeting, cancer experts from the Institute for Research of Science and Technology in Guangxi, China, Mahosot Hospital, Mittaphab Hospital and other organisations together reported progress in the latest developments and techniques in the treatment of patients with cancer in Laos and China.

The workshop was conducted under the theme “Control of Regional Cancer” and delved into sharing health resources and building relationships among medical professionals and institutions in treating cancer.

An anonymous official from Mahosot Hospital said the cooperation between experts from both nations in controlling cancer would of great benefit to patients in Laos.

The dialogue would pave the way for creating collaborative medicine and the mutual use of resources while raising awareness between Laos and Guangxi, he said

“We have high hopes for the cooperation between hospitals and we will share knowledge and skills allowing both parties to develop better cancer treatments for patients,” he said.

Director of the Institute for Research of Science and Technology in Guangxi, Mr Tang Weizhong also highlighted cooperation with Laos in various fields such as with the Ministry of Health and the Institute of Medicine to conduct research and analysis.

He said while cancer was a common disease it could be prevented and controlled in many cases.

The sharing of medical education capabilities between governments would help to meet the needs of medical staff and patients’ treatment.

Editor: John Li

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