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Six Yunnan projects win national science prize

Updated:2018-01-11 11:55:20   english.yunnan.cn

On January 8th, six research projects by Yunnan institutes won the second prize for China national sci-tech progress at the 2017 National Science and Technology Awards Conference in Beijing, according to Yunnan local science authority.

Photo/Yunnan TV

The six awarded projects involve crop disease control, fungi variety breeding, chemical pollution monitoring, industrial development of TCM, technologies for AIDS treatment, and protection of wild rice seeds.

Here are the full names of the honored projects: “Key techniques and applications for pest and disease control via crop diversification”, “Evaluation of edible fungi germplasm resources and breeding of eurytopic varieties”, “Establishment and application of national technical system for monitoring nitrogen and phosphorus non-point source pollution in farmland”, “Invention and industrialization of key technologies for all-round development of panax notoginseng, a TCM” , “Establishment, promotion and application of key technologies to evaluate products for AIDS diagnosis, treatment and prevention” , and “Protection and innovative utilization of wild-rice germplasm resources in China”.

Chinese source: Yunnan Daily; translating by Wang Shixue

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