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Black-headed seagulls: No worry about “livelihood” in Kunming’s cold days

Updated:2018-02-04 13:25:23   english.yunnan.cn

Though temperature drops below zero, many Kunming citizens still come to feed wintering black-handed seagulls in biting winds at riversides and lakesides where the birds stay.

Recently, a cold wave has brought low temperatures and snow weather to many places of China. Kunming, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province is no exception. However, the cold weather doesn’t influence the “livelihood” of the wintering black-headed seagulls in the city. Worrying the birds may not find food in these cold days, many citizens feed them with bread, corn and wheat at riverside and lakeside where the seagulls stay.

On February 2, the temperature drops below zero in Kunming. Despite the biting winds, one elderly man wearing red scarf still brought bread to feed seagulls at the Daguan River. This shows the real friendship between Kunming citizens and the black-headed seagulls.

Since 1985, black-headed seagulls has flown from Siberia to Kunming every winter. The Daguan River, Green Lake and Dian Lake are some of their wintering habitats. 


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