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Yunnan delicacies take the nation by storm

Updated:2018-02-26 11:05:21   english.yunnan.cn

Recently, Season 3 of the popular documentary "A bite of China" was aired on China' s mainstream media. Many Yunnan delicious dishes appear in the documentary. Today we made a collection of Yunnan delicacies that are showed in the documentary. Please take your time and enjoy the delicacies.

Xidoufen is favored by Yunnan people and there are many creative ways to eat this delicacy. You could stick Erkuai (a type of rice cake particular to the Yunnan) or fried bread into it and the taste is smooth and wonderful. You also can add different spices as you like and make it spicy or add sugar to make it sweet.

Nuodeng village in northern Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture is famous for hams. Salted years ago, the hams have been air-dried completely. Dali's wet and warm climate helps ferment the hams and create a unique flavor. The classic dishes include Nuodeng ham fried with celtuce and Nuodeng ham fried with rice.

Yunnan steam pot chicken is regarded as one of the symbols of Yunnan cuisine. Generally, local people use a earthenware pot with a little spout in the belly of the vessel to cook chicken, together with sliced mushrooms and ginger, which makes the chicken tender and soup flavorful. If you open the pot, delightful and mouth-watering scent will waft toward you.

Other Yunnan delicacies showed in the documentary involve Dali milk fan, Diqing matsutake, Jianshui toasted tofu... All will stir your taste bud.  

Editor: Wang Shixue

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