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Top scenic areas in Yunnan to cut ticket prices by over 30%

Updated:2018-09-27 16:05:37   Yunnan Gateway

A-level state-owned scenic areas in Yunnan will cut ticket prices starting from October 1, according to a recent press conference. “Ticket prices of related scenic areas will be slashed by over 30 percent.”

80% of AAAA scenic areas and scenic spots below A level will cut prices at the same time. By the end of 2018, state-owned scenic areas built with public resources will drop ticket prices overall.

From Oct. 1, 99 scenic areas, including eight AAAAA spots, 58 AAAA spots, 14 AAA spots, ten AA spots and nine spots below A level will drop their ticket prices, with an average of 33.2%.

One AAAA scenic area, two AA scenic areas and three scenic spots below A level will be free of tickets from Oct. 1. Meanwhile, ticket prices of parks in cities will be cut by half before Dec. 31, this year. City parks will open to the public free by Jan. 1, 2020.

Yunnan Province will further regulate major scenic areas and rationalize prices of cableways, ferries and shuttle buses. More measures will be taken to improve service quality and upgrade Yunnan tourism.

In the future, tickets issued by Yunnan scenic areas will be valid in several days with unlimited times to access. Moreover, regulators will assess operation costs of scenic areas once every three years and adjust ticket prices in time.

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Reporting by Liu Ziyu; trans-editing by Li Hengqiang

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