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River chiefs keeps water clean in Diqing

Updated:2018-09-28 17:40:46   Yunnan Gateway

Starting from last year, Yunnan’s Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture has made further progress in implementing its four-level river chief system to protect rivers and lakes.

To achieve the general objective of preserving the lucid waters, green mountains and beautiful sceneries, Diqing has set six missions including water resources protection, watershed managment, pollution control, environment treatment, ecological restoration and water supervision.

Now, at the prefecture, county, township and village levels, leaders of Diqing are accountable as river chiefs. And at the village level, 992 people are appointed as river chiefs to ensure every river is under supervision.

The prefecture has also established files for each river, and the river chiefs have to take measures and solve problems in time.Up to now, more than 800 kilometers of river channels were cleaned and 350 tons of garbages were disposed.

Photos from reporters of Yunnan Daily Press Group

Editor: John Li

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