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Designers inherit purple pottery with creativity

Updated:2018-02-11 16:32:11   english.yunnan.cn

Two designers started their business in Yunnan after overseas studies and have created their own styles in making purple pottery.

In pursuit of her art dream, Guihuajun quit her job from Shanghai TV and went to study in Japan where she met Xiaoniao, a Yunnan girl who were studying design art.

The two became friends because of common hobbies in traditional culture and handicrafts.

After graduation, Xiaoniao returned to Yunnan, learned about the Jianshui purple pottery and got very interested in it. At her invitation, Guihuajun came to Yunnan. And they started a business together.

The girls encountered many difficulties in capitals, equipment and technology. But thanks to their persistent efforts, their shop took shape in early 2016.

The splendid ethnic culture in Yunnan inspires their creation. “We always read materials, do researches and find inspiration for our creation,” said Xiaoniao and Guihuajun. And their overseas study experience differ them from traditional Chinese potters.

They never specify any specific use for any pottery, but rather encourage the users to discover. In their opinion, the traditional craft can be applied more flexibly.

It is necessary to accumulate professional skills and knowledge, but maintaining childlike creativity is equally important. 

Editor: Wang Shixue

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