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Tonghai Confucian Temple: The three ‘number ones’

Updated:2018-08-28 18:21:57   Yunnan Gateway

The Tonghai Confucian Temple is located at the edge of the old downtown of central Yunnan’s Tonghai County. Its building was started in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

In the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1912) Dynasties, the imperial court regarded Confucian temples and Confucianism as an important method to control the border areas including Yunnan. As a result, Han culture with Confucianism as the core value thrived. According to “Tonghai County Records” written in 1992, Tonghai was famous for numerous cultivated and educated people in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The Tonghai Confucian temple is known for its three ‘number ones’, namely the biggest screen wall, the most sumptuous Wenming Gate and the most unique Moon and Sun Huabiao (a type of ceremonial columns used in traditional Chinese architecture.

According to Zhao Zhihua from the Tonghai Tourism Development Bureau, the screen wall of the temple is the biggest in China. It is 6.5 meters long, 8.5 meters high and 1.83 meters thick.

The Wenming Gate is to the south of Panchi Pond. It is 14.7 meters high, 15.95 meters long and 1.4 meters thick. It is the biggest yet best preserved Wenming gate within Yunnan. And the Two Moon and Sun Huabiao were built on both sides of the gate.

By Zhang Lin from Daguan Weekly, edited by Zhang Rui, photographs by Meng Zhigang

Editor: John Li

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