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Twin dishes co-exist in Yunnan and ASEAN

Updated:2018-10-25 17:49:39   Yunnan Gateway

Among the dish varieties, those in Yunnan and ASEAN countries are widely praised by foodies as tasty. And some dishes are highly similar in the region.

Today, let’s have a review of the twin dishes that co-exist in Yunnan and some ASEAN countries.

Yunnan Pineapple Rice vs Thai Mango Rice

Both are rice cooked with fruit, and they’re favored by many.

Yunnan Pineapple Rice

The rice dish combines the purple glutinous rice with pleasant pineapple bits. An appetizer rich in color, it tastes sweet and sour.

Thai Mango Rice

A must-try dish for Chinese visitors to Thailand. It is an appealing dish where glutinous rice is mixed with mango and coconut.

Yunnan Steam-Pot Chicken vs Thai Coconut Chicken

Both are chicken soup, yet the cooking steps and tastes vary in the two places.

Yunnan Steam-Pot Chicken

Famous across Yunnan, the chicken is a must-try dish here, and it is a light but delicious soup good for your body.

Thai Coconut Chicken

The century-old soup is a famous dish in Bangkok. The soup has the sweetness of coconut milk and the sour taste of lemon.

Yunnan Fried Rice Slices vs Thai Fried Rice Noodles

Both are fried rice recipes, but they taste quite different.

Yunnan Fried Rice Slices

Also called Dajiujia or fried Erkuai, the Yunnan dish has bits of the ham, meat, egg, carrot and tomato. It’s slightly salty and spicy.

Thai Fried Rice Noodles

The Thai rice dish also has egg, shrimp, fish sauce and others, and it tastes fresh and delicious.

Yunnan Bamboo Rice vs Laos Glutinous Rice

When you travel in Yunnan or any ASEAN country, glutinous-rice dishes are well worth your trying. 

Yunnan Bamboo Rice

The dish is a Yunnan specialty that has scents of glutinous rice and bamboo. It is an ethnic flavor.

Lao Glutinous Rice

Laos is home to glutinous rice. The dish is cooked in a bamboo steamer over a wood fire, without any water added into the rice. The glutinous rice can also be made into various cakes. So great!

Yunnan Papaya Eaten Raw vs Laos Papaya Pounded

Yunnan Papaya Eaten Raw

In Yunnan’s Pu'er, papayas are mostly eaten raw or pickled for eating. The taste is sour but original!

Laos Papaya Pounded

The papaya in Laos is eaten raw basically, but the difference lies in that the papaya are cut into strips and softened with salt before meal. You can never know how tasty it is until you try.

Yunnan Grilled Fish vs Lao Grilled Fish

Grilled fish in Xishuangbanna

For those who have been to Xishuangbanna in south Yunnan, a must try dish is fish grilled with citronella. The dish tastes unique.

Grilled fish in Laos

The grilled fish in Laos is also very delicious. Smoked and grilled at a charcoal pit, the fish is tender.

Traditional Kunming Hot Pot vs Cambodian Hot Pot

Kunming Hot Pot

The hot pot is particular to Kunming, Yunnan. The cabbage, tofu and vermicelli are placed at a pot bottom, topped with a layer of ham, pork and more. The aroma is tempting.

Cambodian Hot Pot

Similar to Yunnan hot pot, the Cambodian hot pot features a cooker that has a barbecue area on the top. During the meal, the grilled meat may drop into the hot soup below, forming a special taste.

Yunnan Grilled Erkuai vs Cambodian Baguette

Yunnan Grilled Erkuai

It is a favored breakfast for Kunming people. Grill Erkuai over a charcoal fire, add some paste sauce and stuffing, and the snack is done. Erkuai is delicious.

Cambodian Baguette

The making steps are similar to those of Erkuai, but the baguette is filled with meat, ham, strips of papaya or cucumber. And finally, fish sauce or chili sauce is poured on it.

Yunnan Crossing-Bridge Rice Noodles vs Cambodian Rice Noodles

Crossing-Bridge Rice Noodles

A most famed snack in Yunnan, the dish features smooth and delicate soup, with pork, chicken and others in it. Soup is the key to the Yunnan flavor.

Cambodian Rice Noodles

As for Cambodian rice noodles, the soup is cooked with curry and fish. And lemon, pepper and fish sauce can be added according to your person taste. Wow, it’s fresh and sour. Have a try!

Looking through the twin dishes, have you got the impulse to eat?
If so, visit the places and taste the dishes in person.

By Li Zha, Li Qinying, Qin Xuedan and Wang Shixue

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