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Yunnan aims to be the most beautiful province in China

Updated:2018-07-31 16:58:10   Yunnan Gateway

Setting a “petty goal” of earning 100 million yuan and trying to reach it, this is an expression of ambition among Chinese individuals.

For Yunnan, it also has a “petty goal”. The province aims to be the most beautiful in China.

On July 17, the enlarged meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee proposed a "petty goal": 

Yunnan will build itself into the most beautiful province in China, via beautifying its ecology, environment, cities, rural areas and landscapes.

Of course, such a “petty goal” represents a big vision.

How will Yunnan achieve it?

Here are the major measures:

1. Fighting the critical battle against pollution

With high standards, sound systems, strict law enforcement and practical measures, Yunnan will resolutely fight the battle against pollution, build an ecological safety curtain in southwest China, and strive to be the pacesetter in eco-conservation nationwide.

The action plans to prevent and control water, air and soil pollution will be systematically carried forward.

The systems for responsibility assessment and accountability investigation will be strengthened, the long-term mechanism for environmental protection improved.

2. Building Yunnan into the most beautiful province in China

Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out during his 2015 inspection tour in Yunnan that the ecological environment is a valuable asset for Yunnan and the country. And Xi asked Yunnan to strive to be the pacesetter in eco-conservation nationwide.

Local Party committees and governments in Yunnan should carry forward Xi’s guide, looking eco-civilization and environment protection as livelihood projects and development issues.

3. Forging an ever-lasting CSA Expo

President Xi Jinping said the role of China-South Asia (CSA) Expo should be brought to full play to create a new platform for win-win cooperation. And Yunnan will earnestly take it as a guide line.

The province will actively serve and integrate into the Belt and Road buildup, striving to make the CSA Expo more professional, market-oriented and international.

4.Turning Yunnan into a world-class tourist destination

The meeting reviewed and agreed on the Opinions on Accelerating the Transformation and Upgrading of Tourism. Yunnan will continue to regulate its tourism market strictly, while improving the quality of services to tourists.

The province will also establish the standards system for tourism, a sound evaluation system, as well as the system and mechanism for tourist management. Yunnan tourism will be upgraded to an “international, high-end, characteristic and smart” industry.

5. Incorporating core socialist values into legislation

The meeting reviewed and agreed in principle on Implementation Opinions on Incorporating Core Socialist Values into the Rule of Law, Legislation and Revision of Laws. 

Yunnan will support its legislature in integrating core socialist values into legislation and revision of laws, so as to encourage the public to put into practice the core socialist values.

In all, Yunnan boasts magnificent landscapes, mysterious heritages, clean cities, diverse ethnic cultures, and tranquil villages.

So, will it really be the most beautiful in China?

You have the final say. 

Source: LMp--a WeChat public account; trans-editing Wang Shixue 

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