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Story of Xichou (5): Brighter future starts with education

Updated:2018-09-03 17:03:00   Yunnan Gateway

Located in southeast Yunnan’s Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous prefecture, Xichou is a national level poverty-stricken county. The main reason why local people suffer from poverty is that 75.4% of its land is exposed or semi-exposed Karst mountainous areas, which makes the county one of the areas facing the most serious rocky desertification in China.

While making great achievements in the fighting against stony desertification and poverty, Xichou people lay stress on education for younger generations. They believe a brighter future begins with a better education.

When the night fell, the downtown of Xichou County was still bustling. Guided by Mr. Jiang Jun, party secretary of Xichou, we visited the education park in the southeast part of the downtown. There are secondary and primary schools, and kindergartens in the park, with a capacity of more than 8,000 students.

Though the downtown is not big due to scarce land resource, the government devotes more than half of its land available for development to building schools, and its education investment is three to four times more than the county level revenues.

“In our endeavors to build Xichou into a beautiful county, we pay attention to not only protecting eco-environment, but also providing better education for our younger generations,”said Jiang Jun, looking into the starry sky. (By Xu Tiyi, Zhang Denghai, Wang Yonggang, Wang Xuefei)

Editor: John Li

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