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Wa ethnic folks in Cangyuan to celebrate "new rice" festival

Updated:2018-09-28 11:08:26   Yunnan Gateway

The New Rice Festival of the Wa ethnic group will be celebrated from October 1 to 4 in Cangyuan County, southwest Yunnan's Lincang City.

The festival is a special occasion for local Wa people to taste new rice and mark harvest, with tribute paid to gods, ancestors and seniors. 

This year traditional sports events like bullfighting and wrestling will be held concurrently.

Major scenic areas in Cangyuan include the last primitive village of Wengding, the Cangyuan cliff painting, and the Sigangli cave. 

All admission fees at the areas will be slashed by 30 percent during the Wa festival, which coincides with the National Day holiday. 

Source: Spring City Evening News; trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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