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30 years on, she collects 5,000 Yi costumes, each with uniqueness

Updated:2018-01-10 11:18:55   english.yunnan.cn

Since 1988, Li Ruxiu has collected more than 5,000 Yi embroidery costumes in three decades. Every costume of the Yi woman is unique in pattern, color and idea. 

If the costume is lost or buried with the dead, it will be gone forever. Therefore, Li always keeps an eye on clothes, hats, bags and shoes of elder Yi women and talks with them to see if they are willing to sell. 

Although she is often misunderstood as a businesswoman, Li Ruxiu never stops collecting. Her dream is to keep the heritage of Yi embroidery for the coming generations. 

Yi embroidery is only a tip of the iceberg of colorful Yunnan, follow us to know more.

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