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Tourism development for ethnic minority

Updated:2018-01-16 11:42:29   China.org.cn

China is helping develop the tourism industry in the region of an ethnic minority in Yunnan Province.

The Wa people mainly reside in the counties of Cangyuan and Ximeng in southwest China's Yunnan on the China-Myanmar border. Much ancient culture and tradition is well preserved among the ethnic group.

In Ximeng County, many local tourist destinations such as a waterfall, a pool and a valley are already open to visitors.

In Cangyuan, Wending Village is dubbed "China's last primitive tribe," where mysterious symbols for sacrifices can be seen.

"The village is beginning to develop 'mystic tours' to allow visitors to experience the primitive culture," said village official Li Hua. "Here they get to enjoy Wa dancing and Wa banquets."

Mou Hongcao, vice mayor of Lincang, which administers Cangyuan, said that tourism infrastructure was being developed, and multiple airlines had agreed to increase flights to Cangyuan.

But he also said that tourism would be developed based on the protection of the local environment and ethnic culture.

Editor: John Li

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