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What! A car on the trees?

Updated:2018-01-17 18:41:57   english.yunnan.cn

A car “rests” on trees in northeast Yunnan’s Zhenxiong County. It is not an accident. It is a motor home built by a local villager.

Wang Zhengyong, a villager from Zhenxiong County which is located in northeast of China’s Yunnan Province transformed an almost-abandoned van into a motor home and fixed it on a platform built on trees.

He spent three days and more than RMB 10,000 accomplishing the project. The biggest reason to do so is that “the air is fresh in the woods”. For Wang, the motor home is a place for him to play guitar, practice traditional Chinese calligraphy and relax himself. It has attracted numerous visitors. 

In future, a spiral stair will be built to better appreciate the surrounding scenery, according to Wang.  

Editor: Wang Shixue

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