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Which is the “Corgi Queen or King” in your eyes

Updated:2018-01-24 18:13:49   english.yunnan.cn

Let’s come to the “We love Corgi” activity in Kunming to have look at how local citizens dress up their Corgi dogs and how the dogs make themselves adorable with their talents.

About 100 Corgi dogs participated in the “We love Corgi” activity lately in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province.

The activity was organized by some Corgi owners from a WeChat group. Over the past three years, there have been hundreds of Corgi dogs joining the gathering, showing their adorable talents.

This event involved swimming, racing and catwalking. And during the competition, the dogs’ outfits were also eye-catching and became focus of the audience. A corgi in the costume of guitarist really made itself a superstar and the one wearing Beijing opera hat was quite fascinating.

The basic rule for the event is that a owner should not bring a “naked” corgi. One of the organizers said that this activity provided an opportunity for corgi owners to communicate with each other and raised awareness of caring pets as if they were family members. 

Editor: Wang Shixue

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