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Too cute to bear! Animal newborns make first public appearance at YWP

Updated:2018-04-30 16:44:31   

Recently, many newly-born animal babies make their adorable debut at the Yunnan Wildlife Park(YWP). These fluffy and chubby guys bring so much fun to tourists.

Siberian tiger triplets play with each other, jump around bushes and enjoy sun bath. For many tourists, these endearing moments are too cute to bear.

Lemur catta cubs climb onto their mother’s back and engage in playful wrestling with mama. In fact, they are foodies. While playing with their mom, they stare occasionally at bananas held in the hands of caretakers.

Chubby ostrich chicks chase each other and gorgeous flamingos perform courtship dance...You cannot miss these delightful moments. Join us to enjoy adorable snaps of these beasties!