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Shared bikes serve CSA Expo

Updated:2018-06-13 21:02:44   english.yunnan.cn

During the 5th China-South Asia Expo(CSA Expo) and the 25th China Kunming Import and Export Fair on June 14-20, more parking lots of shared bike will be set up around Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, so as to provide better services for exhibitors and visitors. 30 staff of each shared bike company will wear uniform and maintain the order at the parking lots.

It is easy to use the shared bikes. You just need to download and set up the App of shared bikes on your mobile phone. Sign up, scan the QR code, then you can ride the bike. After reaching your destination, lock the bike and the App will deduct the payment autonomously. For bikes from different companies, you need to pay a returnable deposit of 200-300 yuan.  (Spring City Evening News)

Editor: John Li

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