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Colorful buffaloes welcome the new year

Updated:2018-01-01 13:58:25   Yunnan Daily

Water buffaloes have been tamed for tilling fields by human beings for thousands of years. They are often regarded the same as other domesticated animals such as horses and donkeys. But when they meet art and are painted colorfully, they formed a beautiful landscape. From December 30, 2017 to January 1, 2018, the Diubao Carnival is being held in Jiangcheng, a Chinese county located in the junction area of China, Laos and Vietnam. During the event, a “colorful buffaloes” competition was being held to welcome the new year. 39 buffaloes were painted colorfully with different patterns by artists from the three countries. And they created a sensation both at the scene and online. After appraisal, the No. 30 Colorful Buffalo won the competition. 

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Editor: Eric Wang