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Go! Let’s go canoeing on the Nujiang River

Updated:2018-01-02 17:28:52   english.yunnan.cn

The roaring Nujiang (Salweeen) River rushes forward as long as more than 3,000 kilometers. The sharp elevation difference along the river in Yunnan forms the famed "Grand Canyon of the East". Now the river’s Yunnan Province section has become a holy place for canoeing/rafting because of its spectacular shoals and lucid rapids.

From Dec. 27, 2017 to Jan. 1, 2018, the Lushui Tourism Promotion, also the second Yunnan Tourism Seasons Forum, was held in Lushui City, northwest Yunnan's Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. During the promotion, a white-water rafting was also held as a sideline by the Yunnan Outdoor Sports Tourism Research Base.

"The Nujiang grand-canyon rafting route is located at the river section in Lushui City, with a length of 95 km and a fall of 206 meters. According to the American Canoe Association criteria, the average density and quality of the rapids and shoals have reached the world’s top level," said Duan Lian, deputy director of Yunnan Outdoor Sports Tourism Research Base. Now the International Wildwater Canoeing Open Nujiang (Salweeen) River has been recognized as China’s only 4-star event by the International Canoe Federation.

Also, the planned Nujiang River Sports Park will bring rafting enthusiasts a brand-new experience, and will be favored by water-sports lovers. "The sports park will make a difference because it is entirely based on the river resources. The original ecological features will be kept intact, and no human interference will be visible." Duan Lian said tourists will enjoy the excitement of the ups and downs in the rapids, with steep mountains and verdant plants in their sights.
The development of the Nujiang River Sports Park is also conducive to local poverty alleviation. "In the future, ethnic locals can serve as tour guides and raft drivers, which will increase the income of local ethnic groups. Also, the inrush of water sports lovers will boost local catering and accommodation," said Duan, adding his research base is trying to identify more rafting routes for tourists.

Repoting by Liu Rong; translating by Eric Wang  

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Editor: Eric Wang