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More Chinese to travel in 2018 Spring Festival holiday

Updated:2018-01-20 15:09:35   People's Daily Online

Travelling will rise to one of the hottest choices for Chinese to celebrate the approaching week-long Lunar New Year holiday, Chinanews.com reported Wednesday, quoting a forecast report by a travel authority.

The report, co-released by China Association of Travel Services and Tuniu, a traveling service provider, forecast the trend of traveling during the 2018 Spring Festival holiday and revealed that more Chinese citizens would celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year by travel.

Warmer places including cities and islands at low latitudes are gaining popularity, said the report. South China’s Hainan, Yunnan, Guangdong, and Fujian provinces are expected to attract more visitors during the holidays, owing to their warm climate and rich traveling resources.


For those who prefer outbound tours, Thailand, Japan, United States, Australia, and parts of Southeast Asia are the most popular destinations, while short trips to tropical islands such as Phuket Island, Bali Island, Saipan Island, and other warm-weather getaways received the largest number of reservations.