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Enjoy a delicious, healthy Spring Festival in Yunnan

Updated:2018-01-24 17:04:33   english.yunnan.cn

As the Spring Festival is approaching, Chinese folks gear up for family reunion and people across Yunnan Province are also preparing for the annual grandest festival. How they make preparations? Let’s have a look.

It is a tradition to do the purchasing in advance to welcome the annual grandest festival. Recently, a Spring Festival shopping fair is being held in Kunming, capital of the province and attracts a lot of citizens.

In southwest Yunnan's Zhenkang County, villagers are busy making bacon and sausage these days. As a tradition, they invite families and friends to dinners, jointly welcoming the festival.

For many people, big meals during the festival are always followed by gaining weight. But this won’t happen when you spend your holiday before and during the Spring Festival in Yunnan where various sports activities will be held. 

One of the events is the 2018 Yunnan Spring Festival Sports Carnival which will last from Jan 27 to Feb 11. Encouraging a healthier holiday, the carnival consists of 30 sport activities which may help you keep fit while you can enjoy the delicious Yunnan food.   

Editor: Wang Shixue