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Rape flowers blooming in Luoping, time for photography

Updated:2018-01-26 14:32:15   english.yunnan.cn

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the rape flowers started to bloom in east Yunnan’s Luoping County. This year, the area of rape flowers reaches 170,000 acres in the county, presenting seas of golden flowers for photographers.  

Around the villages, in the fields and on the mountain slopes, the golden flowers stretch several miles, constituting "scrolls of beautiful paintings". Among all the sceneries, the most stunning is the Jinji Hills surrounded by the blooming flowers.

Luoping is regarded as a “garden in the East” because of the rape flowers. Every year, the best time to enjoy the flowers is from January to March. In recent years, concerts and sports games were also held to attract tourists.  

Editor: Wang Shixue