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Sightseeing and delicacy tour in Xishuangbanna night markets

Updated:2018-02-03 15:57:19   云桥网

Visiting night markets in Xishuangbanna, a paradise to escape cold in winter, you can have both a sightseeing trip and a delicacy tour.

In winter when freezing wind are blowing in most parts of Yunnan Province, people in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture still enjoys warm sunshine. Located in the southernmost part of the province, Xishuangbanna is known as a paradise for tourists to escape cold. In Jinghong City, capital of the prefecture, night markets are must-visit places for both sightseeing and for delicacies.

“Balada” is a round wheaten food in Binjiang Night Market. It needs to be fried, cut into pieces and poured over with condensed milk. The making of “Balada” can be done in three minutes and a stallholder can sell more than 100 Balada a day. In addition, Dai barbecue and kinds of juice are also worth your tasting.

Besides delicacies, local cultural shows are staged every day from 20:20 in Gaozhuangxijing night market in Jinghong. Tourists can enjoy Dai dances and Thai performances during the show. It is worth mentioning that The Second Daile Cultural Festival will be held from 10th to 25th this month. Numerous activities are to be held and welcome visitors from across the world.

If you want to buy souvenirs in the night markets, Dai people’s costumes and handmade soap are highly recommended.