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Snow turns Yunnan's Xiaocaoba into fairyland

Updated:2018-02-09 19:15:21   english.yunnan.cn

After a snowfall, northeast Yunnan’s Xiaocaoba scenic spot becomes a fairyland, presenting tourists with frozen waterfalls, snow-covered primitive forests and other picturesque landscapes.

A cold wave has swept across Yunnan recently, not only bringing low temperatures and heavy snows, but also creating picturesque landscapes of silver white in many places across the province. In early February, Xiaocaoba Scenic Spot in northeast Yunnan’s Yiliang, was turned into a snow fairyland after a snowfall.

Frozen waterfalls and thousands of snow-covered trees......Many tourists and photographers flocked to Xiaocaoba to enjoy the breathtaking winter scenes.

Thanks to the primitive forest, waterfalls and streams, the scenic spot, which covers an area of 163 square kilometers, is sightseeing destination all the year around. But it is more enchanting in winter when everything is covered in snow.  

Editor: Wang Shixue

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