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Weishan: Tranquil town behind hustle and bustle

Updated:2018-02-11 16:43:23   english.yunnan.cn

As the number of tourists increases day by day in west Yunnan’s Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, people start to throw their sight upon a tranquil town with simplicity in the prefecture -- Weishan.

60 kilometers away from Dali City, Weishan is a place with warm sunshine, pleasant weather and hospitable people. It is regarded by tourists as a tranquil town because Weishan is less commercialized or jammed than other towns. Local people of Weishan are friendly and they still keep traditional lifestyle. 

Traveling in the town, the most comfortable experience is to check in a characteristic inn , have a deep sleep in tranquility and wake up in sunshine the next morning. Waving goodbye to the hustle and bustle, strolling on streets paved with flagstones or enjoying stalls of dazzling goods are also options to pass time. 

Besides, various folklore activities and tasty local delicacies are what you can’t miss. And if you want to stay longer, Zhuomulang Village is a must-visit place as you can enjoy the idyllic environment and experience the customs of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom.  

Editor: Wang Shixue

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