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Yunnan in spring: A land of colors

Updated:2018-02-11 16:48:43   english.yunnan.cn

Blessed with blue sky, green mountains, clean lakes and pleasant weather, Yunnan turns itself into a land of colorful flowers as spring comes.

From January to March, Luoping County in Yunnan is called "the biggest natural garden in the world". It is famous for the rape flowers stretching to the horizon.

Among the rape flowers, cone-shaped hills stand one by one, forming a picture of heaven on earth.

In February and March, Nujiang River is an untouched and primitive river in Yunnan. In the river valley, fiery-red kapoks are thriving beside the jade-green water.

The wind passing through the red flower is the smell of spring.

At the end of March, Liyuan (pear garden) Village is located in north of Eryuan County, Yunnan Province, it faces water on one side and is surrounded by the mountains on the other three sides.

The village is a wonderful place to appreciate pear blossom in spring. Visitors can ride horses deep into the flower "forest".  

Editor: Wang Shixue

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