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Riverside RV camping site lures tourists into south Yunnan

Updated:2018-02-11 18:59:47   english.yunnan.cn

Groups of tourists driving recreational vehicles (RV) recently flocked to south Yunnan’s Jinghong City, where they enjoyed great leisure at a RV camping site beside the Lancang/Mekong River.

At the camp site, tens of RVs from cross China were hub to hub with each other. At meal times, tables were set at the RVs’ frontage. The odour of Sichuan peppers vies with that of Xinjiang seasonings. The Chinese northerners' steamed buns and mutton compete with the southerners' rice and fish.

Among the tourists was Mr. Wang from central China’s Henan Province, who spent 400,000 yuan on his RV. “It is worthwhile because I can enjoy fresh air and vegetables in Xishuangbanna thanks to my RV," said Wang. I feel very happy to be here.

The site charges each tourist 30 yuan per day, supplying power, clean water and other sound facilities. 

In the evening, the RV tourists play badminton together, chatting in an air of friendship. They plan to spend the 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year at the camp site. 

Reporting by Zhang Ruogu; trans-editing by Wang Shixue 

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