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Zhuomulang: A mysterious village hidden in the mountains of Weishan

Updated:2018-03-20 18:44:33   english.yunnan.cn

In west Yunnan’s Weishan County, Zhuomulang Village is hidden in the mountains and less known to the outside world. This mysterious land boasts long history, profound culture and beautiful scenery. It is a worthwhile destination when you travel to Weishan.

When it comes to west Yunnan’s Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, people would think about the ancient city, the three pagodas, the Cangshan Mountain and the Erhai Lake. But hidden in the mountains of Dali Prefecture is also a village which is worth your visit. It is deep in history, profound in culture and beautiful in scenery. This is Zhuomulang, a small Yi people’s village in south Dali’s Weishan County.

In Zhuo Mulang, villagers believe they are the decedents of a princess of the Nanzhao Kingdom (738-902). Today, you can still find traces of the kingdom in the patterns on clothes of local people. 

For years, Zhuo Mulang is hidden from the outside world and Yi people’s tradition and custom are well preserved. Dage is a form of local folk dance, accompanied often by songs and music instrument like Sanxian(three-stringed guitar), Lusheng and bamboo flute. Whenever there are important occasions including wedding ceremonies, festivals and funerals, the villagers will perform Dage. 

With an elevation of 1,725 meters, the Zhuomulang village is often wreathed in mist, making it a mysterious land. Today, as more tourists come to Zhuomulang, its veil of mystery is gradually lifted.  

Editor: Wang Shixue

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