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Yunnan tour app lauded by Tencent CEO Pony Ma

Updated:2018-04-13 11:16:21   english.yunnan.cn

"In tourism service, the travelling application E-Travel in Yunnan, will soon provide tourists with fast and unified information via APP, mini programs and the public account on WeChat,” said Tencent CEO Pony Ma Huateng April 12 at the 2018 China Internet Plus & Digital Economy Summit.

Through “one-code pass”, tourists in Yunnan will be able to pay for all the services on the mobile phone, including tickets booking. Ma said, adding that vivid information on the eating, lodging, toilet and sight-seeing routes will all be easily accessible. 

Tencent, a leading provider of Internet services in China, and the Yunnan provincial government jointly rolled out "E-Travel in Yunnan" for trial operation on March 2. And the mobile application leverages artificial intelligence and the widespread use of mobile telecommunications to make it a secure, objective and user-friendly app.

The Yunnan tour app is schedule to be officially put into service on June 1. 

Source: Yunnan Net; Trans-editing by Wang Shixue

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