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Yunnan, Singapore to further cooperate in tourism

Updated:2018-04-23 16:55:23   english.yunnan.cn

Xie Yongde, founder of the Singapore-based Hande Group, has made his tour April 18 to Yunnan in southwest of China, and decided to cooperate with Yunnan Provincial Tourism Development Commission to promote Yunnan’s tourism in Southeast Asia.

Yunnan borders Southeast Asia, and group will assist Yunnan to achieve more communications and cooperation with other Southeast Asian nations, so as to make Yunnan an international resort in the future. 

Yunnan is China’s gateway to the ASEAN nations, and the province features good environment, sound food materials and diverse ethnic cultures, all lauded by tourists home and abroad. 

Reporting by Han Chengyuan; trans-editing by He Lin and Wang Shixue

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