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Dehong catches attention of British eco-documentary director

Updated:2018-06-02 17:21:39   english.yunnan.cn

Ben Wallis is a British producer and director known for several natural and ecological documentaries. He visited Dehong last November, traveling to places including the “China Hornbill Valley” in Yingjiang County. The landscape of Dehong impressed him so much that he came back here half a year later, bringing a team for new documentaries.

Ben Wallis said Dehong is abundant in rainforest scenery and is home to a large number of birds. He enjoys exploring this mysterious world. He also noticed that the local government is sparing no effort in protecting wildlife, a reflection of China's efforts in wildlife conservation over the past few years.

Ben said after the new documentary about Dehong is finished, it will be broadcast in a renowned mainstream media in the United States and distributed globally.  

(By Zheng Bin from the Dehong Solidarity Newspaper, some photos provided by Xu Yongchun, Feng Jiang and Yingjiang County)

Editor: Wang Shixue

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