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Officers' words about 'Travel in Yunnan' APP

Updated:2018-07-11 18:54:26   Yunnan Gateway

Lately, the "Yunnan mobile phone tour" global experience officer programme has recently come into a close, demonstrating what the “Travel in Yunnan” APP is capable of providing for Yunnan’s ever-growing number of tourists.This time, 50 experience officers from the entire world joined in the programme and travelled to cities in Yunnan including Dali, Lijiang, Xishuangbanna, Pu'er, Honghe, Shangri-La, Tengchong, and Mangshi. They were divided into five groups with five differently themed itineraries: a parent-child tour, a romantic tour, a movie tour, a photography tour and a national border tour. Using the “Travel in Yunnan” APP, they told our reporters about their experiences of “smart tourism” in colourful Yunnan.

MC Maziya is an experience officer from South Africa. He bought a ticket on the APP to visit a scenic spot and entered his personal information. Even as an international experience officer, MC Maziya got a whole new travelling experience on this trip to Yunnan. At the scenic spot, he was admitted through facial recognition. He was amazed that the APP could even recognize a foreign face.

Zhou Rui studied in the United States and has travelled to 205 cities in 25 countries. On a visit to the Yunnan Nationality Village, he took out his mobile phone to check an electronic tour guide and a video on the folk customs of Wa people. After a while, he arrived at the Wa village and joined in a Wa celebration.

How many times should one come to Yunnan in a lifetime? Shi Chengbin, has been to the province 23 times, and he wishes he could come back 456 times. He is most satisfied with the "one-click complaint" feature of the APP. When he learned that tourists can make complaints three ways, online, through voice and telephone, he immediately downloaded the APP on his mobile phone. When he discovered that he could then track the complaint handling progress in real-time and check the results of the process within 24 hours, he gave the APP a thumbs-up. 

Editor: Wang Shixue

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