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Kunming rated as China’s best summer resort for the fourth year

Updated:2018-09-18 11:47:13   Yunnan Gateway

Kunming has been ranked as the best summer resort for the fourth consecutive year in the annual report released by China Tourism Academy this year.

According to the statistics, 43 million holidaymakers visited the Yunnan provincial capital city from June to August. The number is 11.98 percent higher than that a year earlier. These visitors contributed some 60.9 billion yuan in revenue to the city, marking a 36.55 percent increase compared with the same period last year.

The travelers showed great interest in the newly opened scenic spots and recreation facilities in Kunming, like the ecological wetland parks and hot springs. Based on the pleasant weather and ecological conditions, local travel agencies have carved out a niche, bringing recreational travel, family trip and high-end products to numerous tourists.

Trans-editing by Han Chengyuan and Zu Hongbing; Photos by Yang Zheng (Yunnan Daily) 

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