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Highlights of core functions of "Travel in Yunnan" app

Updated:2018-10-05 18:49:54   

"Travel in Yunnan" app is a digital platform integrating tourism resources of southwest China's Yunnan Province to better serve travelers to the province. On Oct. 2, the developer company released the highlights of the eight core functions of the app.

Home page: With the idea of promoting immersive and smart tourism, the home page of the app was divided into three levels (province, cities and scenic areas) to provide better experience before, during and after the visit.

Facial recognition and smart guide: To enter scenic spots more quickly, tourists just need to upload a selfie to the app, and they can enter scenic spots through facial recognition system within one second. They can also check and be navigated to scenic spots, hotels, restrooms, parking areas and restaurants through "Travel in Yunnan".

Credit and complain system: The app aims to give assistance to form a tourism credit system which combines evaluations from government, professional institutions and tourists. Dishonest enterprises will be kicked out from the app. Meanwhile, visitors can complain via means of online channel, voice message and call making and will be responded within 24 hours.

Slow TV: Tens of thousands of cameras were installed in 90% of A-level scenic areas in 16 cities and prefectures. Travelers can view the real-time scenes before arriving.

Routes recommendation: The app can analyze hot destinations and interests of tourists to recommend various routes that fit the demands of different travelers.

AI identification: By scanning with the app, tourists can learn about 6,000 species of common flowers and scenes of 1,100 AAAA and AAAAA scenic areas across the province.

Smart transportation: For users who uploads their license plate numbers on the app, they can pass the toll station in a non-stopping way within 1,600 milliseconds. Besides, tourists can learn about the number of parking spots around scenic areas before arrival.

Talents platform: "Travel in Yunnan" app is also a platform to provide service for talents from tourism industry. The app will play a positive role in exchanging information and ideas, integrating resources, promoting tourism products and safeguarding rights and interests of individuals in tourism industry.