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One day at Dianchi Lake during fishing season

Updated:2018-10-12 10:45:05   Yunnan Gateway

If you’re in Yunnan in autumn, why not come to the Dianchi Lake in Kunming. It is the fishing season these days and you can see the sight of “tens of boats sailing on the waters.”

The fishing sights are highly recommended because they are really spectacular.

Tens of boats launched at dawn

To provide folks with freshest possible fish in the morning, many fishermen set off on a boat at around 3:00 am.

Under the starry sky, tens of boats are launched simultaneously, unfolding sails and stirring ripples on the lake. 

Sky colored by balloons at noon

Following the morning fishing, hot-air balloons in varied colors appear in the sky over the lake.

At noon, the balloons and white clouds offer a visual feast to tourists and folks at the lakeside fish bazars.

Fisher songs at dusk

In the evening, few boats still linger on the lake. And fishers sing leisurely at the sunset.

What a moving scene by cheerful folks!

Fish sold at lakeside

All the freshly-caught fishes are sold at the lakeside bazaars. The lake shore sees bargaining folks.

The tasty things are cheaply sold nowadays. And the fish markets are all located around Dianchi Lake.

During the fishing season, fresh fishes are available at the ancient Dian wharf, the Haiyan village, the Baofeng village, the Guanyin hill, and the Hebosuo village in Jinning District.

By Zhu Dongran and Wang Shixue

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