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With eye-catching three-meter-high steamers, the Kunming bun shop sells 15,000-plus buns a day

Updated:2018-02-14 15:43:01   english.yunnan.cn

With 44-layer steamers up to three meters high, a steamed bun shop in Kunming, Yunnan has attracted a large number of shoppers who are preparing for the Spring Festival(Chinese New Year).

As the Spring Festival is approaching, the Shandong Liu Ye Steamed Bun Shop in the Zhuanxin grocery market on the Xinwen Road, Kunming, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan province is bustling with buyers these days.

Different from other bun shops, Liu Ye’s shop has a three-meter-high steamer, which is very eye-catching in the market. To steam buns, a shop clerk need to climb up a two-meter-high ladder first. Then Liu Ye, the shop owner who stands below lifts the steamer up to the clerk one by one. After a while, 44-layer steamers with a height of three meters are placed in order and ready for steaming.

According to Liu Ye, he and his wife Sun Cuiping came to Kunming from east China’s Shandong Province 10 years ago. And eight years ago, they began to sell buns. Now, their shop has been enlarged from one room at the beginning to four rooms.

The steamers in Liu Ye’s shop are specially designed and each of them can contain 28 buns. Liu steams buns 10 times a day, with around 44 to 46 layers of steamers every time.

It takes about 50 minutes to steam the buns each time. And Liu sells 15,000 buns a day, and the number can reach 20,000 during holidays and festivals. 

Editor: John Li

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