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Yunnan farmers' choir to debut in the US and UK

Updated:2018-02-14 17:16:05   云桥网

From February 16 to March 3, at the invitation of New York Philharmonic Orchestra and London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Xiaoshuijing Chorus of Miao villagers from Fumin County in Yunnan province, will make its first appearance at "Chinese New Year Concert" in the US and the UK.

Founded 16 years ago, the Xiaoshuijing Chorus from central Yunnan’s Fumin County, comprises 50 Miao villagers. All of them are local farmers from the Xiaoshuijing Village and none of them have ever received any professional trainings. Instead they inherit the singing skills from their older generations.

For Miao people in Xiaoshuijing Village, singing is a way to express happiness and gratitude to nature. In the past, the chorus has toured around China and gained wide recognition across the country. This is the first time for the chorus to perform overseas. They will collaborate with the New York and London Philharmonic Orchestra respectively to bring local audience shows which features both the world-known classics and Chinese folk songs. They will also sing some famous songs in English for the first time.