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Yunnan film to compete in the Universe Multicultural Film Festival

Updated:2018-03-17 16:21:29   

The Yunnan film “The Soul of a Dance”, which reflects the culture of the Zhuang ethnic minority, is selected to compete for the Best Short Film Award in the Universe Multicultural Film Festival.

Located in Xichou County of Wenshan Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, the Tanggu Village is mostly resided by the Zhuang people. The 8-minute-long film “The Soul of a Dance” focuses on the Zhuang people’s culture in Tanggu, especially showcasing their splendid ethnic songs and dances.

The agricultural way of life, centering around rice, plays an important part in Zhuang people’s life, and they have developed a devout belief in rice planting. They usually hold the special scarecrow dances and bronze drum dance to pray for a good harvest. And having a history of thousands of years, the ritual of sun worshiping is also an indispensable part in the Zhuang culture.

The Universe Multicultural Film Festival is held annually in the United States, aiming to demonstrate diverse culture and support innovative and artistic cinematic works. It attracts about 1,000 films from 100 countries each year. “The Soul of a Dance” will be screened on April 6, the opening day of this year’s festival.